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Yup, still awake

This weekend was so incredibly busy and yesterday was just nuts as far as doing exhausting things. Had one of C's friends most of the day. We went bowling for the afternoon. I haven't bowled in probably ten years but was able to get three games in before my arm started to protest. Moved flowers for my mom in the evening. Doesn't sound major but we're talking two pickup loads of outdoor plants. Made a flowerbed for her at the new place and put down 9 bags of mulch. Got home and hauled out our garbage, did some laundry, and all the other things that got missed over the weekend. Took Melatonin and fell into bed about 10:30. Woke up at 2:30 and here I am still. My brain will not shut off!

I actually got out of bed with something very specific in mind to do work wise. Can't remember it now. I keep saying I am going to put a notebook by the bed so when I wake up, I can scribble down all the things that flood my brain.

I did get to see my Aunt Rose, Uncle Ron, cousin Becky, and two of Becks daughters. That's always nice. Somehow my Uncle Ron has grown from a very intimidating man into a hugger. Not a half ass hug either. Bear hugs. Like he means it. Perhaps Aunt Rosetta can explain that in the comments. What have you done to him? heh. Also got to hang with my friend Lori for a bit. She and her hubby had a booth set up at the fairgrounds outside the rodeo entrance.

Went to the rodeo Saturday night for awhile. I drug my feet about going because that is such a huge part of my past. It stirs up a lot that I don't necessarily want to deal with. By the time I did decide to go, it was standing room only.

Saw some old friends and at one point, almost lost my composure. I posted last year about finding out an old boyfriend had passed on. One of my old rodeo buddies told me that the guy's brother might be there. I explained that's why I probably was not going to pay to get in and actually see the rodeo. Sure enough, during bulldogging they said "Our next cowboy hails from Olathe, Kansas" and I started to feel kind of sick. They said his name and the tears welled up. If it hadn't been for the kids being with us, I think I might have fallen to the ground.

Everytime I think of that particular loss, it's like a punch in the gut. The unfairness of how life ends so prematurely for the really good ones and the random ways in which people disappear forever from our physical space.

I just thought of what I wanted to do for work so no proofreading this. Raw and uncensored from my brain to yours. Now that's frightening.

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Guess Who:

Yea we didn't go to the rodeo either. The seats are to hard, and it is to much walking for grandpa.

Aunt Rose:

Lisa---You will find that Uncle Ron no longer takes it for granted that people know he loves them. He is more inclined to let them know for sure.

He has a very precious memory of a beautiful little girl who gave him a hug and I love you Grandpa as she was leaving and a promise that she would spend Thanksgiving with us. A week later she was taken from us on Thanksgiving morning in the car accident Shelly had just turned 20 and had a wonderful life planed out of finishing nursing training and two full time jobs. One at New Hope in Carroll that she loved.

Yes his hugs and show are of emotion are more frequent since that time. You were always loved very much and more as the years go by.

Love you a lot . From both of us always--Aunt Rose and Uncle Ron