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Deer v. Buick

Sorry that my last post freaked some people out. The longer but still very short version of the story is this: We spent the day in Des Moines, walking the new mall, taking advantage of something fun that didn't cost money. Stopped to see two of my dearest friends who are like parents to me. All in all a good day. We were less than two minutes from home when a very large doe saw her chance to wreck my Buick. That is the way I look at it. My beautiful car is a deer magnet. It sucks them right out of the ditches and into the side of it.

Anyway, we're fine other than the usual sore spots you get when a large animal plows into you. I am so thankful Todd was driving. I think my instinct would have been to swerve which would have meant hitting a farm drive and launching into the corn field. He's been trained to control his initial response in every situation. He very calmly hit the brakes and let the deer do her thing, which was dance down the drivers side of my car. Three years ago the same thing only down the passengers side and not near as much damage.

The insurance company tells me this may total it. That thought makes me cry. I love my car. I just want them to fix it and give it back. I don't have time to hassle with it.

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So glad you guys are OK!! Now to watch out for the "other" Lisa in the Atlantic!!!!