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Do it for your hands

If you do dishes by hand, you must have Dawn Complete. It really does make your hands look better and softer. I love it so much that I had Todd get it in every color in case they discontinue it.

Yesterday an insurance adjuster showed up to "appraise" the Buick. Too bad the Buick was 70+ miles away in Des Moines like I'd told them it would be. I told them it had to be our daily driver since Todd's car had bit the dust and the truck was too much of a gas hog. Somehow that didn't get put in the proper place on a form or something. I guess they are going to try to see it in Des Moines today.

I stressed repeatedly and firmly to the adjuster that the car was my baby and if they thought they could total it and screw me over, they were wrong. Others have told me to just let it go if it is indeed time to do so. Hell no! I've had two cars in my life that I loved. A '79 Trans Am that was fast and leaky and my Riviera. The first had to go because C's dad laid out the ultimatum when we found out I was pregnant. Something about driving fast and being with child. There is no reason the Buick has to go. I love it. It's mine. I want it fixed. The end.

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If they talk "total", just take whatever they'll give you and make it a project...