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My friends

I have the most colorful friends. Really. This post will be about the purple ones and the pink and orange one.

Thanks to this purple one and this pink and orange one, JustLisa.com and all the entities that encompasses will live on another year. You can either thank them or throw tomatoes at them, depending on how you feel about me I guess.

Then there's my other purple friend who got me big time. I came home to find a box on my steps. I wasnt expecting a box so I told Emily to pick it up and bring it in. Imagine my surprise when I finally sat down to look at the address. Moosie!!! She sent me a lovely card, my very own purple moose mascot to ward off hormonal deer, and a new car. I wanted to take pictures of the package contents but my camera card is full of pictures again and no time to download and sort them.

Back to the orange and pink one... go on over and say hi. Just do it. Give her a big, sloppy kiss.