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Can I go to Brazil?

My head is pounding. Not a good way to start the day. C's birthday swim party is tonight and I have done nothing to prepare other than invite people. I think he is old enough now to call around and confirm if people are coming or not. I'll get him going on that when I break for lunch today.

I am really excited about the party. I love getting together with friends and watching kids have a good time is a cure for about anything. I am a little concerned that one of C's buddies isn't going to make it due to some weird family dynamics. I normally stay out of stuff that doesnt concern me but I thought a lot about it last night and dammit, I'm going in if necessary. I hope it wont be becauses I get quite passionate about these things. By passionate I mean fired up. By fired up I mean loud. Loud = stupid. Dear Lord, please let this work out without me having to get stupid. heh.

I will elaborate more on this later when I have time but for now, if you have extra change burning a hole in your pocket, go to http://www.dropcash.com/campaign/justlisa/brazil_or_bust and do a good deed for the day, won't ya? Thank you SOOO much to my online friends for helping kick this thing off and being most generous. The world really is full of good people.