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Thanks to everyone who has pitched in so far. We're just over a quarter of the way there. Eva is getting so excited and her excitement is certainly contagious.

Last night's swimming party went fabulously well. All of the invited kids, except two, showed up. I had hoped that all the parents would hang around and swim too but most of them had to go tend to other things. Ah well, I got in the water and was sprayed on multiple occasions with water guns. While in the water. I don't get that. I'm already in the water. I cannot get any wetter. Yet it's great fun to spray me and splash me apparently. Kids are weird.

Emily is trying to talk her dad into going swimming again today. She is so funny. She tells me she loves me a lot but her dad only hears that when she wants something. "Daddyyyy.. I love you." and then she pours out her heart or at least her requests. Hopefully her heartfelt pleadings will get us to the rodeo tonight.