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West Nile

If West Nile exists in our neighborhood, then I surely have it. My friend Lisa came over tonight and we took a walk then we started cutting little mulberry trees out of the big evergreen tree. That's how things happen here. One minute we could be washing windows and the next tilling up a garden spot we hadn't even talked about previously.

Anyway, her son (C's best friend) went into the evergreen to cut and we pulled the trees and vines out. She landed on her ass once when a big vine let go all at once. I had my camera out but not in time to catch that. I'd have been mad but she just laughed and yelled "We got it!" I bet the neighbors think we're nuts as we were out there yelling "No, this one! Right here. One, two, three PULL!! HARDER!!!" God knows what they thought we were up to. They'll know tomorrow when they come out and see the difference in the evergreen. Amazing what a little yard work can do.

While headed to the burn pile, I noticed the weirdest little bird on the fence then another in a tree. Baby cardinals. Looked like they had mohawks. Maybe tomorrow I can upload the pics I took of them. I am glad to have them because the cardinal's song is my favorite of the birds. I saw two pairs of them at the feeder this winter so maybe we'll start a cardinal community up here.

As we were taking all these pictures, the mosquitos were about to carry me off. I have at least half a dozen bites down each arm. I think my chances of getting West Nile from mosquitos or Lyme Disease from ticks are pretty good this summer as I have been outside more. It's good to get out but I could do without the disease risks.