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Vacation is over

Short version of a very long, pathetic story about two people who cannot catch a break...

Were gonna go to Tennessee but Hurricane Dennis broke up into rain / t-storms in that area so we decided to stay closer to home and just roam around through some state parks. First one had a fish kill a couple of years ago, second one had so much grass you could walk across the water but you sure couldn't launch a boat, third one was a ski lake so sitting on a fishing boat was like being on a rollercoaster. By Wednesday we had done nothing but six hours or so of driving each day and getting nothing accomplished.

Back home again in time to go visit Christopher at his boy scout camp. As I suspected, he was fine and actually a little put off that I showed up after I'd said I wouldn't. We drove five hours from his camp to get as far down into Missouri as we could. Got up the next morning and hit Bass Pro Shops. Quick four hour drive back home and to bed. Fished our favorite pond on Friday (which we should've just done all along).

Saturday morning got the kids and decided to go camping. 100 degrees. No breeze. Yeah, let's camp. Sweat bees were stinging us all day and we were literally caked with a film from sweating and tromping around in dust. It's been a long time since it's rained around here. Gritty is the word.

Packed up this afternoon and got home in time to do all of C's camp laundry, our laundry, build a railroad tie wall for our driveway, construct a new flower bed, can some peppers, and a few other things. No one said I was smart but I have heard people say I am a hard worker. HA!

Now we can go back to work and rest.