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The big game

Our high school girls basketball team (minus Eva, who is broken hearted in Brazil) made it to state. Practically the whole town went up to watch them play in the new Wells Fargo Arena. They lost the game but it was a wonderful experience for our little town. Total togetherness for one day under the jumbo screen. It was awesome. Thanks Coaches and girls for taking us there!

I took a ton of pics with my new camera and put the very best ones up here. You'll notice #23 is in a lot of them. That's because she's a senior starter and plays every quarter, but we're also quite fond of her so naturally my camera followed her around. YAY CALLAN!! YOU ROCK!

If tradition holds, and it usually does, girls state tourney signals the beginning of Spring. We'll have one more winter storm and then sunshine and happiness from here til October. Or something like that.