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My poor little Lucy

Lucy, our overly energetic weimaraner, was acting weird today. I faithfully spend a full hour every morning, regardless of the weather, playing frisbee with her so she will leave me alone to work. Again at noon, out for 20 mins of frisbee.

Today she didn't want to play. The whole morning went by without her even poking her head in the office. I took her out at noon but she wouldn't play. Just looked at me with eyes like a little kid who is sick.

Todd came home and took her to the vet. She has a fever caused by an infection somewhere. They gave her antibiotics and are keeping her overnight. I won't sleep. She is such a people dog and we are her people. She's never been away from us for more than two hours since she was little puppy. She literally goes everywhere we go and now she is stuck in a kennel at the vets office, not feeling good. Poor baby. Silly to get this worried over a dog I'm sure but I still am.