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Birthdays again??!!

Todd's birthday was Monday. Mine was yesterday. Justlisa.com was born yesterday too. Hard to believe I've had this place for seven years. You'd think I'd get tired of it and forget to write here. Oh wait, I do. hahahaha

Here's my wishlist if you just have to buy me something. hahaha It's pathetic also. I hadn't updated it in over three years so most things were not even available any longer. I really suck at keeping up with things. I added a few things like a hammock. Someday I shall have a hammock.

Speaking of keeping up with things, our tax assessment doo hickie came today and they dropped the value of our house. Why?? Because we don't have time to take care of it! I don't know if that reason is true or not but that's my story. It's funny to think that not taking care of something might be good. (lower taxes.)

Lame, I know. I'm tired. Goodnight.