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More time

I have so much I want to write here but I sit down to do it and anything that makes sense flies right out of my brain. I cannot think clearly with one eye on the clock. Right now I have 15 minutes before I officially must start my work day. I have to throw some laundry in, wash a couple of dishes, let the dogs out again, feed the birds and find something quick for breakfast. In 15 minutes.

I would rather tell you about how lately life has been teaching me AGAIN who my true friends are or tell you how good it feels to make a difference in the life of a child or how hypocritical people can be or how I am searching once again for a church that fits my beliefs or about Todd's first turkey hunt ever and how he got a turkey the first afternoon. I can't though because I'm down to 13 minutes now so must run.

I would like you to go read this about a tragic accident in our local mennonite community. Please read and pray for the family as they go through this terrible time. Ironically, the mennonites have always been the church community that most closely matches my own brand of faith.

12 minutes now. Time flies when you're almost 40 I guess. Have a great day everyone.