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A Revelation

It's a dismal, rainy day here so I was met with static on the radio when I started the car at 6:50AM. I hit the seek button and pointed the Buick towards the school. There was some conversation between the boy and myself about how the belt from his football pants was wet because he left it on the porch in the rain. Water does have a tendency to make things wet. So we get that crisis solved and I let him out, give him the usual "Love you buddy. Have a good day." and point the Buick back towards home. In the peaceful ride home (the only peace I'll have until same time tomorrow) I realize that I'm listening to the farmers report on a little Missouri radio station. And I'm too tired to change it. I think this is how old people begin to listen to crappy radio stations that play golden oldies. They just get too damn tired to change the station.