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In a funk

I've been in some kind of mood for several days now. I just want to be alone. That's totally not like me as I'm a people person. I wonder if it's hormones since I cannot focus on anything and I just feel BLAH.

I've been thinking way too much about the past and what I've been through to get where I am now. Not feeling real good about where I am now - still living paycheck to paycheck and married to my possessions. Thinking about how many people have moved through my life over the last couple of decades and how much I miss some of them. Thinking of when Christopher was little and what a happy little boy he was. We've moved into the moody teenager phase now and I miss my happy kid.

Got up this morning to the news that Steve Irwin was killed. That didn't help this strange, reflective mood any. Christopher and I logged many, many hour watching the Crocodile Hunter in it's infancy. C. is at his dad's right now so I don't even know if he's aware that he's lost his first childhood icon. So sad.

Really, can I just have a timeout?