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Please let the kid sleep tonight

He's not with me tonight as it's his dad's weekend and I had to take him up there this morning. He hasn't slept at all the last two nights so hopefully tonight he will. I debated keeping him home with me but that wouldn't be fair to his dad.

He is such a tough kid and hates to admit pain so this has been very hard on him and incredibly hard to watch. One time he had two plantars warts cut out of the bottom of his foot and then played a double header baseball game two hours later. So yeah, seeing him literally writhe around and try so hard not to cry has been heartbreaking.

We have had a couple of laughs out of the deal since laughter is the best medicine. The first night I told him I've always wanted to do the flaming bag of dog poo trick to someone so we decided when he's healed up, maybe we'll put a bag of flaming poop on the surgeons doorstep and ring the doorbell and run. I wouldn't really do that of course but it took his mind off of things for a couple of minutes anyway.