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Merry Christmas

We ran to Des Moines today to do our Christmas shopping. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! Each kid got two things which is not much, yet more than they expect. I'd told them all anyone was getting was a new toe for Christopher. When that bill comes in I bet I'll wish I'd stuck to that.

It just doesn't seem like Christmas at all this year. No one seems festive and there's no snow. Even in the crowded mall today I only saw two teenage girls who looked like they were in the spirit. They reminded me of how I used to be when I'd wear my Santa hat in the days leading up to Christmas Day. Oh, and my reindeer bell necklace. That's been such a long time ago. Ben was really little back then and loved my bell necklace. Every year I think we'll have a better holiday and every year is worse it seems. Maybe the happy spirit will return when we have grandchildren someday. FARRRR OFF I hope!