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I have the best friends in the world and I wouldn't take a million bucks for any one of you, let alone all of you. The amount of concern for Christopher both locally and from the far reaches of the world has been so comforting (not to mention he thinks it's cool, too.)

He is doing much better and is only taking an ibuprofen at bedtime now. Getting him to wear the boot is a struggle most days. I don't blame him a bit for resisting. The thing weighs ten pounds or more and can't be comfortable.

$150 each. I say "each" because we have two of them. The first one was pre op and then not big enough to accomodate post surgery bandages. We've already been warned that the insurance company might not pay for them. If I have to pay full price, I'm gonna bronze the suckers and plant flowers in them when this is all over.