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Can you help?

My friend Lessa, daughter of the famous Purple Moose, is trying to raise the funds to send her son to Europe on a choir trip. She's a young, single widow doing her level best to raise her children in small town Alaska. I would say "in the harsh climate of Alaska" but I think I would thrive in all that snow and I think she's wrong to whine about winter. hehehe

Anyway, it's a wonderful feeling to help a child expand their world. Can you help Sean? If you can spare a buck or two (or more!), please go to the ChipIn page at http://lessa.chipin.com/the-boys-choir-trip and throw what you can spare her way.

BTW, when I say "Purple Moose" outloud in this house, all three kids will yell "MOOOOSIE!!!" She sent them mooses(?) and a beautiful little teddy bear a couple of Christmas' ago. These still sit atop the TV so they will always remember our snowbound friend in Alaska.