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Got my snow....

Now we're in the deep freeze at a few degrees below zero. Doesn't bother me. I've got two scarves, a really cool hood/neckwarmer, a huge Starter jacket from Goodwill (joke to go with that to follow later), really nice gloves that I've managed to keep away from the kid, and a pair of waterproof thinsulate lined boots. Then there's the underneath layers. Soft cotton camisole, long sleeved cuddlduds, turtle neck sweater on top. Merino wool blend long johns off the clearance rack at Scheels under the heavy jeans. One of my best investments. $39 long johns on clearance for $4. Mens xsmall. Guess that's not a popular size. Now if I could just come up with a purpose for the flap in the front. ha!

People bitch about the snow and cold but it's so beautiful. Call me crazy, but I think the world looks a little warmer when it's wrapped in a soft, white blanket. It's perception, people! See the beauty and dress in layers.

The Starter jacket came from Goodwill. $8. It's one of those super poofy, half zip deals with the hood. Has my favorite college team on it which is where the joke comes in. People laugh and say I got it so cheap because it's the Cyclones and if not for me coming along, they'd have had to give it away. That is a funny joke BUT right behind it was a Hawkeye coat. Same price. So stuff it!