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Yes, this place is overrun with football with commentary but it's that time of year.

There's a NFL message board that hasn't been completely overrun with wiseasses yet. The last NFL board I belonged to got so full of guys talking smack that there wasn't any room for real conversation. I've prowled around this board this evening and it seems very civil. There is even intelligent conversation regarding Superbowl predictions.

The board is split into divisions for each of the AFC and NFC teams and shows the team logos in each. That's handy if you are like me and can't remember exactly who goes into NFC North or AFC East. I get a lot of grief for not knowing but I just love the game so those specifics aren't really important.

They also have college football areas and "other" which includes arena football. Too bad Iowa lost the Iowa Barnstormers arena league. Anyway, footballboards.com looks to be a nice place to get info prior to the big game I hope.

BTW, did you know there was a rumor that Dungy would be fired if he didn't take the Colts to the Superbowl this time? I hate the Colts but that is ridiculous. Surely they are smarter than that. He's a good coach. Did I just say that??