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Typing in the dark

When it came time to go to bed last night, I was so exhausted and had that feeling I'd sleep really well. It's another night that we'll just never know who could have slept thanks to dogs. Yesterday I counted six unknown dogs roaming loose around our neighborhood at different points of the day. Always in packs of two. One set of two are identical pups that wander through every other week or so but the other four are new and seen with increasing frequency.

Apparently they are going to come around in the night too and get the neighbors outside dogs barking which makes my inside dogs bark. Let me tell ya, my two huge dogs barking at 3AM is not something anyone wants to wake up too.

I have to jump up and check that there aren't dogs after our rabbit again. Tonight I'm worried about the cat. He didn't come home from his evening prowl around the house. The other two times he's done that, I've found him waiting on the doorstep at midnight. So far tonight he's still MIA.

I guess I should take one more look outside for the kitty then try to go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Blech.