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Car Shopping (dreamin')

My car is on it's last legs. Came down the hill at school the other night and realized that the lights on the dash for traction control and antilock brakes are on because it really means it now. They are broke. It needs $700 in engine work and now it's not even driveable around town in the snow. Doing a car search online tonight to see if they have any Rivieras near me. Of course not so let's move on to mustangs, shall we? If I do a search on just Iowa, there's not much that interests me. It seems you can list your car there for free though.

Looking through the numerous car reviews and am now even more convinced that I really do need a 2007 Mustang in the fastback coupe edition I think. It's gonna have to be something mighty special to replace my Buick. They don't have any Riviera reviews but they do have lots of other makes/models. I think they stopped making Rivs in 2000 so it's hard to find current info on them. I love mine so much, even in it's old broken down condition.