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Basketball, Nursing Home and a Cat Update

Em played basketball today about 30 mins away and afterwards we went on to another town to get some supplies at Walmart. Funny, every time I go into a Walmart now, I check to see if it's clean. This is a very small store and was pretty clean considering how many people were crammed in there.

Got home late this afternoon and fixed some macaroni and cheese for a friend at the nursing home. Em and I took it out to her and then visited some other folks there. One of my favorite ladies wasn't out for supper so we went back to her room. She was just having an off day and didn't feel like coming to the dining room. We looked at some pictures with her and talked some about how things were when she was young. She's 94 years young now. She told us how the girls wore bloomers to basketball when she was a young girl. I found this picture to show Emily what she meant. Em said she didn't know how anyone could run in those. I wonder more about those shoes. I wish I had time to go out there and record stories of all the people who are still able to recollect their pasts. It's quite fascinating.

Cat update: Bucky is home and totally wiped out. He flopped down in such a way that it looks like he's dead and has been sleeping that way for hours. Must have really been busy expanding his territory.