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I really dislike 3AM

People think I exaggerate when I tell them I have not slept through a night in over 14 years but I'm telling ya, it's true. That kid of mine kept me awake through my entire pregnancy. Even now, as a teenager who should be lazy, he wakes up in the middle of the night, gets up early in the mornings, wants to stay up late. UGH! I was sound to sleep when I heard him get up and start milling around. Bathroom break I suppose. He gets back to bed and the dogs want out. Now that I've been out in the snow, I'm not able to go right back to sleep.

Buck had his bags unpacked yesterday and is supposed to be groggy. Someone forgot to tell him that as he is also wide awake and prowling around. His doc said to keep him confined the first night because he'd not be able to fend off the dogs and such. Whatever. I put him in C's room and shut the door. Went back five minutes later to check on him and he was on the top bunk. No idea how he got up there. Guess we're just a family of quick healing insomniacs.

Just noticed I'm pretty dang good at typing in total darkness. Neat skill!

Checked my email and found that smoking has claimed the life of someone else I know. I get accused of being one of those annoying ex smokers but come on!! Is it worth your life to make the tobacco companies wealthy?