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I was in pretty good physical shape when C. busted his toe. I had to fight really hard to keep at least 30 minutes a day blocked out for working out. Then the toe happened and my time got sucked up taking care of him and doing things to make his life better. Now the toe is mostly mended and I can have some me time again.

Got back on the treadmill for a run this week and it just wasn't happening. My legs protested something fierce so I'm doing the couch to 5k run plan. So far so good except my chest hurts and I cough when I run now. My mom thinks it's from smoking but I have not smoked for almost four years. Doubt that's it.

So upping my water intake a lot. I literally forget to drink so every hour and a half, I down a glass of water. I noticed the bathroom baseboards are dirty. Funny the things you notice when you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.