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District basketball starts tonight

This year has gone by so fast. Time for districts again. I really want to go see Eva play since the season is winding down but it's damn cold out. I have not been warm since yesterday. I suppose a good way to get warm is to go into a sweaty gym full of people.

Guess who's on the radio?? Rod Stewart! Seriously, how can people (MEN!!) not like him? I think it's gotta be jealousy. I bet he makes an awesome Valentine. Todd brought me daisies yesterday and a card. This morning I found a heart shaped box of M&Ms on my desk. Tonight, he's grouchy. Go figure. I should play Rod really loud and see if that brings him out of it.

True story from today: C. and I went to the store to find something to surprise Todd and the kid at the computer/register was having problems. He called the manager over and the manager reset it. The kid said "I think this one freezes up so much because it's close to the doors and the cold." I almost erupted into laughter but I managed to giggle quietly on the inside instead.