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Valentine's Day

Today is what my friend Pete calls "man tax day". A day to send roses to someone you love.

Once I tell people my roses story, they never send them to me. In high school, the "great love of my life" sent me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day. Too bad he forgot we were in a big fight from the night before and he totally forgot what an unreasonable bitchy teenager he was dealing with.

The roses arrived and my mom said "Oh how beautiful! Those cost a fortune!" A true fortune for him at the time as he only had a part time job at the livestock auction barn. God only knows how many paychecks it took to buy them.

Like I said, I was a bitch. That's actually putting it lightly and looking back now, I am totally ashamed of my behavior. I took those beautiful roses and stood in the door, waiting for him to show up. As soon as his car pulled into the drive, I walked across to the Dairy Queen and started randomly giving roses to people. He started yelling "What are you doing??!!" at which point I kicked the bitch up a notch and threw some into traffic. It was a horribly mean and childish thing to do and hurt him really bad. It was only one of many hurtful things we did to one another throughout a long on again, off again relationship. If he somehow stumbles on this, I'd like to apologize again. I was so mean and spiteful then.

Todd gave me daisies yesterday and I guess there is one red rose in the bouquet too. Thankfully I am not near as mean and hateful now. I put Todd's flowers on the fireplace mantel and said thanks a couple of times. God, now I've depressed myself by remembering what an awful human being I used to be. I am still paying my penance.