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We have a lot of cellphone conversations around here. Not just *on* our phones but about phones. The kids want one, Todd wants a new one, and I'd like to chuck mine into traffic. Wirefly is a site with new cell phones and plans. Searching our zip code brings up carriers in our area and from there I can look at phones and rebates.

I cannot believe Razrs are free now with new plans. I never liked them but Todd sure did. At the time, they were way too expensive for our budget so he took a lesser Motorola. I think the Razrs seems awfully flimsy but then again, I'm pretty hard on a phone. I run on the trail and the phone will fly from my pocket and bounce along the trail. The newer, thinner phone styles seem like they wouldn't survive a concrete bounce so well. I miss my old LG phone that I retired for my newer Kyocera.

I wonder how Wirefly works with existing customers and getting the phone activated. We go to our local US Cellular store and have get the plan, the phone and all activation taken care of. Found my answer in the resources section:

Carrier Approval. If your order includes a new wireless account, then your application for service is automatically submitted to the carrier you've chosen for approval.

If your cell phone order includes a contract extension from your current cell phone provider, then your information is submitted to confirm that your account is eligible to receive a discount on a new cell phone.

Maybe when Todd gets closer to contract renewal, he can find a phone he likes better. By the time my contract is up I'll be attached to my Kyocera and not want a new one. Am I the only parent who thinks little kids do not need phones? I get accused of being the only one.