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Wild ideas

I just looked at Todd and said "I'm thinking about changing dining room chairs". He hates it when I say things like that. These are the ideas that hit me when I'm bored. We have his mom's antique dining room table and my more modern chairs.

(DAMMIT!! Tony Stewart just wrecked!!!)

So anyway, we have the antique table. I think it's called a gateleg. It has six leaves and can expand to the neighboring town. The chairs that go with it have leather covered seats that are worn and frayed. They are in the garage awaiting salvation. As I'm sitting here watching this boring race, I recall my mother recovering chair seats. I could actually do that while I sit here! I mean I could if Todd would get onboard. Doesn't look like he's going to so I'll have to think of something else to do.

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Aunt Rose:

You are my girl so I know that you will be able to do the job without a man's help once you get his tool box open and him out of the way. Go for it girl.
I love your Uncle Ron but when I want to get things done I need to get him out of the way. He wants to help but his talking to it does not get it done. At least I hope the language is not aimed at me.
You have a good day and I love you.
Aunt rose