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Wow, what a finish!

That was an exciting finish to the Daytona 500. I am not known for staying in my seat during race endings or the last two minutes of ball games of any sort. Tonight was no exception. I was up and yelling "Oh damn you Harvick! Get! Your! Ass! Back!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Yup, my ladylike behavior goes right out the window. I wanted Mark Martin to win that. Actually, I wanted Carl Edwards to win but it would've been sweet for Mark as well.

In other news, my personal race car seems to be running. It's been in the garage, waiting on money to rain down from heaven so it can get fixed. It's not been started for quite some time so the battery had totally died and the front tire was flat. Todd put the battery charger on it yesterday and today and just went out to start it. My poor old car.

Pretty, isn't it? I hope I can get it fixed but it's hit that stage where it's draining resources and would probably be better suited for a high school kid to finish it's trip to the junk yard. I'm not ready to give up on the ol' girl yet so we'll keep starting it and waiting for the magic money to fix it one more time.

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Do we really get to comment now?

hey, comments!!!! Yeah, I'm a real quick study, huh?

sweet ride, Miss Lisa! Hope you get her on the road soon.