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The toe has been cleared for active duty

We saw the toe doc again yesterday and Dr. Trout said not to baby the toe, don't try to protect it, get out and use it! Nothing is off limits. Well, I suppose dropping tables on it is out of the question but as far as sports, PE, and generally boy activity, he's all clear.

He'll have a month or so of physical therapy to strengthen his leg muscles again and increase the flexibility in his hamstrings. He is so excited to return to PE. He must get that from his dad because I hate PE with a passion that cannot even be put into words. I love sports but PE was just dumb. Of course they don't do the same idiotic stuff that we used to do either. Rollerskating? Bowling? Broomball? No way. Try square dancing. I remember way too much about that.

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Yea, comments are back! Glad the toe saga is concluding successfully! And I will keep enjoying our so cal 75 degree weather!! ;-)