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Learning as I go

As I continue to work the program at sparkpeople.com, I am seeing this at the end of each day: "Your current calories are so far off from your recommended range that it can negatively impact your health more than anything else you did today." I guess I am living testament to the research that says if you don't give your body what it needs, it will hoard it to protect itself. I work out really hard and don't have the nutrition to support that. The website at sparkpeople is really helping me to see where I am going and what I need to do. More fruit is a must. I really dislike fruit. Chocolate should be a fruit then I'd be okay. I also continue to struggle with the 8 glasses of water a day.

This morning we got up at 6, got the boy around and took him north to his dads then back down the interstate south to watch Emily's basketball tournament. They played at a college where other activities were taking place so we had to park in the back forty and walk quite a ways to get to the gym. Stood and watched basketball for five hours then went to Pizza Hut in the afternoon. Yeah, that sure fits in the nutritional guidelines. The bad thing is that my late lunch there ate up 2/3 of my caloric intake for the day and it's still sitting in my stomach I think. If you've ever gone to healthy eating and then thrown down a junk meal, you know what I mean. It just sits there like your stomach doesn't know what the heck to do with it. This isn't lowfat cottage cheese! This isn't lean ham! What is this?? hahaha But really, it's like that. So, more water. More fruit. No more Pizza Hut.

After Em's games, she said she could only hear me out of all of her cheering section. Does that mean I have a big mouth? I think it's because I sit closer and yeah, I have a big mouth. I get so excited watching her. She's got a lot of hustle and she steals the ball a lot. Some of the parents drive me so crazy. A lot of kids aren't allowed to just be kids and have fun because there is a parent coaching from the sidelines. I think they forget that A.) they already have a coach and B.) the prize is only a ribbon, not a WNBA contract.

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wow! so b-ball parents haven't changed much in the (mumble) years since Lessa played, huh? We see it in little league each year, too. How HARD is it for people to understand that a 5 year old playing his/her first year of tee-ball has NO clue? They are there to learn and to HAVE FUN, people.

I know - it's a bit different, but then again, not.
(no germs were harmed in the writing of this comment - heh!)


I know what you mean about eating fruit. I didn't eat much before I moved here. The reason for that is simple, fruit in American grocery stores SUCKS ARSS! (can i say that here?) Now we (my whole family) eat at least one piece of fruit a day, either as snack or dessert. And that is not because they are on the Mommy healthfood diet. It is because fruit here is GOOD! They cry when the fruit bowl is empty and beg me for a kiwi.
From what I have learned here, I have some suggestions that might help your fruit problem. 1>Eat whatever is local. There must be something they grow in Iowa that tastes okay...like in New England it was apples. Even in the gro store you could get decent apples, because they weren't imported from the other side of the world (CA)
2>Eat whatever is in season. Same logic. It will taste better if it is fresh (like apples) Apples get mealy and gross after a month or so and so you shouldn't eat them in July. Either they are old or Chilean if you can get them in July and either way they are less than optimum.
3> Ask Lin for some tips on how to pick fruit. Somehow that girl could bring some good fruit to work almost every day. She or Bo knows how to pick a good watermelon or pluot from all those piles at the gro store.