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So I'm trying to redo the look of this site and I just don't care enough about it to sacrifice time I could use for something else. I do this all day at work and I don't want to do it on the weekends for love nor money. It's like how mechanics tend to neglect their own cars. I have the idea in my head of how I want this to look then I open the templates and the CSS and think "Gee, I'd rather eat rocks."

Anyway, if you visit today, you'll see changes coming and going as I work a little then get distracted by more pressing things like eating rocks. *burp*

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looks pretty good - nice and easy on the eyes.


Oh, much better than that semi-blank I saw earlier!

I'm digging it. Needs a little punchy something -- maybe a picture of Dozie.

ooooh, you changed your clothes! I like the color.


I like it. It is much better than the old look.