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Cellphone saga

Emily got a cellphone and it kicked off quite the heated debate in our house. We had told the kids no cellphones were necessary for them until they were driving. Otherwise, they are always with us or at the school near a wired phone. So Em gets a phone and boy blew a gasket. I think we may have to revisit our position in order to keep the playing field level.

It used to be that US Cellular pretty much had the monopoly on our area but the market has opened up a lot more recently. Sprint phones have a lot of really cool choices for phones and they do offer service in our area. I don't know anyone who uses Sprint though. I think that is because they don't have a physical storefront that is well known in our area. In rural areas in particular, a lot of folks would still prefer to walk into a mom and pop type store and get that one on one customer service when making a cellphone purchase.

I have looked over their plans and while the Sprint plans are fairly comparable with others on a minutes per plan basis, I don't see any special incentives for text or photo messaging. One of my friends told me yesterday that she went to unlimited texting with her carrier and sent 300 texts the first day. Sprint would do well to take note of that kind of customer and throw them a bone.

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I'm on Sprint. I frequently talk to one of my bosses on his sprint phone when he's in the middle of freaking nowhere. (He spent the better part of February tooling around Iowa and he's in South Dakota now.)

I'm not sure how Sprint is doing their unlimited text messaging these days - I think I'm paying $5 but I think that's carryover pricing from when I signed up 4 years ago. (It's super rare that I use text messaging. I'm too old for that crap. It makes my noodle hurt having to figure out where the letters are on the dang phone.)


Maggie, you kill me! I know what you mean though. I do the same freakin thing when I am texting. I get all dyslexic and can't find the right letter. It usually ends with me saying "I hate this f-ing phone!!" It's not the phone though. It's me. Damn those kids and their opposable thumbs! (that are hooked up to newer brains!)