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What a week!

This week has been so busy and has just flown by. Not real crazy about time going fast when I am this old. My tulips are coming up and track starts next week. The kid is going to run track. There is just something screwed up with that. In football, he hated running. Every day, bitch, bitch, bitch about the running. In wrestling, hated the running. Baseball, hated the running. See a pattern here? So he picks track. It's even better than that though. He wants to run distance! He is his father's child. Not in the sense of running but in the sense of doing things that make ya' go hmmmmmmmm. His dad says if he is ever seen running you better look behind him because there will certainly be something big and mean chasing him.

Anyway, it's three kid weekend with nothing going on. That will be a first in months. We are going to hang out around the house I hope. Maybe pick up some squishy poop from the back yard. This sudden thaw has made things pretty damn gross.