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Beautiful morning

I have been going to the lake pretty much every day for about 8 years. I used to go as an escape from work and the noise of home. Now I go to run with the dogs. Every morning is completely different and there is almost always something that makes me pause and give thanks that I can see it.

This morning there were several varieties of ducks and geese taking advantage of the newly opened water. The wind was just crisp enough to invigorate. Bright sun coming up over the horizon. Perfect morning.

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Even here in So Cal I have been seeing birds (geese I think) flying in a V towards the North! Spring has sprung! But, where we live there is a mountain range directly North of us that must block those birds, I wonder how they get around it? Mt. Wilson is there...

thanks for your email...
soem big ideas to consider. Of course, a big part of my spiritual path says that dogs by the lake is exactly where we all should aspire to. ((HUG))


we have so many canada geese here - they congregate in the grassy areas by the highways. since you can't touch them, they just seem to grow in numbers exponentially every year! we're lucky tho', as we live in the nj meadowlands, and face the river where we get to see egrets etc.