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I tallied up today that I have made $311.97 from blog marketing. That's in a period of almost three months. When I take out the taxes from that it works out to my goal of having enough to pay the orthodontist and the gas to get up there. Yay! My only frustration is that I miss all the opportunities posted throughout the day and have slim pickings left over when I get a chance to look over them at night. That is partially my own fault because I won't write about just any old thing. It really is a good way to make a few extra bucks a month so long as you do remember that you're responsible for paying taxes on your earnings.

If my page ranking were higher, I'd be able to snag really high dollar opportunities instead of $5 here and there. On the weekends I have time, I am trying to do things to increase the popularity of this site again. I can't get too popular or my hosting fees will jump. I ran into that in the early days and can't afford to do that again. I would like to make even more and start a vacation fund so that we can take the kids to a beach somewhere. C. was with us when we went to Virginia Beach for twenty minutes but the other two haven't seen an ocean. I would like to fly to California but I think I'll never fly. We can drive to Florida.

Of course I can't think of money without wishing I had new steps on the front and back of the house or electricity in the garage or a new roof. Oh yeah, I could easily spend every dime that came my way.

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WOW! 300 bucks ain't bad! Even after taxes that would really help me! Keep it up!

hey there - WE have beaches in ALASKA! With the big PLUS of also having some of the greatest FISHING in the world (thinking aboutcha Todd)

And, really you COULD drive to Alaska - my bro-in-law made it here from Columbus Ohio in less than 5 days one year - and that was with a car breakdown along the Cassiar Hwy.

so, save dem pennies and COMEONUP! You can camp in the front yard (the neighbors love that - heh) and use our facilities.