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Still with the finger!

How long does it take a finger to heal? I am so frustrated by this splint and cannot type with a dang with it on. Yesterday I pretty much rested my hand all day but it still throbbed. If I hold it up, it doesn't do that so I spent a good deal of yesterday wandering around Nebraska Furniture Mart and Cabela's with my hand up like a dork.

Today I had to do laundry and clean and all that normal weekend stuff and kept catching it on things and springing it backwards. I got mad once and took the splint off to find it's all black and blue and swollen still. It will not bend at all and I can't even really take my other hand and force it to bend. It will go just a tiny ways then it's like there is rod in there holding it straight. It's been a freakin' week! Enough already!!