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Whoa! This is huge news for payperpost bloggers. They are going to start a new promotion for blog advertising called 1k Tuesdays. Every Tuesday this month, they will release an opportunity worth a thousand bucks! That's $1000 guaranteed for whoever snags it. There is not a specific release time but rather a twelve hour window between 12AM and 12PM in which they will let it go up for grabs. That pretty much eliminates me since I will only be able to check the site maybe once between 6AM and 9AM. If they did it on the weekends, I'd be more likely to have a chance.

There is a blogger named Colleen who is the highest earning blogger and this could allow someone else to take over first place. Not me of course but maybe my friend Julie. She has two growing boys and could use 1k for groceries I bet! Maybe Faithie will get it and split it with me cuz we's gots the love. hahaha