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Vacuums and Humidifiers

First, let me say how much I love an online company who provides free shipping. Most times the greatest bargain on the web isn't a bargain at all if the shipping costs bury you. BestVacuum.com is one of those companies that has free ground shipping so I checked them out. With two dogs, two birds and one indoor/outdoor cat living here, we do a lot of vacuuming. They are a Dyson dealer but I'll come back to that.

We run a humidifier about six months out of the year and I truly believe it helps our health. In looking at the air-o-swiss humidifiers, particularly the antimicrobial with the ionic silver stick, I'm curious about how that works. There is a easy to find link to a PDF with cute little water droplet icons that explains how the silver ions destroy bacteria therefore using up the ions and then the ions are replenished so the surface of the stick is always "new". How cool!

Back to vacuums, I have a Kirby and a "pig". The pig is actually a TriStar canister vacuum that is so old but it works quite well. Emily complains that the Kirby makes the room smell like dog. I suppose it does since it's a bag vac. The pig gets emptied after each time. My complaint about both is that they do not get all hair. I love my animals but I cannot stand the hair. I've been thinking about a Dyson Animal. I've read some really good reviews but then I've bought stuff based on online reviews before only to be left very disappointed. Anyone have one? Do they work?

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have the animal (and you know how many of those i have!) - get it!

;) maybe you could gather the hair before it falls and spin it into fiber and have someone knit a sweater for ya (check my url)

ducking quickly now, lest I get stuck with taking the video game back (see Lisa's next posting) heh

yes, yes yes. a humidifier. luckily with spring arriving here in utah, being inside with the heat on is happening less and less.. but next winter.. i need to get one. i think if i don't, i may just shrivel up before i get this darn degree ;-D thanks for the tip on a place to look.