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How we operate

My adorable son just told me he'd prefer I not talk to his grandma because I would talk her out of renting him a video game for him because "that's how I operate". Hmm.

I said "That's an interesting interpretation but mine would be this: I tell her that I don't care so long as she is the one who takes it back. She agrees but then will be too busy to take it back and you know this but don't care because it's how YOU operate. Then she will think I will be nice and take it back anyway because that is how SHE operates. But I won't take it back and someone will have a late fee which will make me the bad guy and I don't care. I love being the bad guy. THIS is how I operate."

Now push aside all of that posturing and lemme tell you how this will really go down. Grandma will get the game, the kid will play it a couple of hours until his dad shows to whisk him off for Easter visitation. The game will be laying on the end table when Todd comes in from work on Monday and he will pick it up and say "Someone should probably take this back, huh?" He will take it back because he is Mr. Responsibility. That's how HE operates.

That is not truly the end of this saga as Mr. Responsibility is also Mr. Scorekeeper and he will remember that no one wants to be responsible for the game. Even if he has to carry that in his scoreboard for two years, he will remember and drop it like da bomb when we all least expect it.

Oh, the dynamics of this house....

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