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Happy Birthday, Todd

Today has been a very bad day for me which unfortunately has spilled over into and ruined Todd's birthday. I cannot make up for that but I can tell you what makes him interesting enough to be tagged in my Interesting People category.

His mother was 45 when she had him. His siblings had all grown and started families of their own so he was not really raised as an only child but rather a child who grew up with his nieces and nephew as if they were his sisters and brother.

He's been in law enforcement almost his entire adult life and has a serious looking frown on his face most times. He doesn't say much because he thinks it's better to shut up unless you have something important to add and only then if you know what you are talking about. These traits combined make people think he doesn't like them. This is not really true as he is just listening and determining if you are full of shit or worth getting to know. Sometimes he just doesn't have anything he feels like saying so he doesn't. This drives me nuts since I am a people person and could sit down and discuss any subject matter for hours.

He is very proud and will not ask for or willingly accept help of any kind. He will be the first to give help though. He is constantly looking up something based on a few words uttered by a coworker who needs a part for a car or something. When the ice storm hit northern Iowa, one of his friends needed a generator and Todd would not quit until he found one in stock somewhere for the guy.

He is very quiet and soft spoken with the kids, raising his voice only when absolutely, positively necessary. When he does, they scatter to the corners of the earth and don't come back for days. It's so rare to hear that roar and very scary to hear it. I am quite vocal and don't hesitate to exercise my loudness. He stays calm to the point of insanity. I just want to shake him sometimes but he is the smart one and knows that shouting over each other would never solve a thing.

He likes to spring surprises on the kids and I. You know one is coming when you hear "Now I know it's not much, but..." and out comes a sack with some little doodad in it. He will undoubtedly do that to me for my birthday on Friday despite the fact we aren't supposed to get each other gifts.

Right now he is driving me crazy on this vacation I keep talking about and trying to plan. His excitability level is really not measurable. He's just that damn calm and oh it's so infuriating sometimes. Makes him hard to read but you know, I wouldn't give him away. He balances out my quick temper and my big mouth and my impulsiveness. He's really worth taking the time to get to know and lemme tell ya, it can take a looong time to peel away the layers to the awesome man he is. That just makes him even more special.

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Happy b-day Todd! You're awesome. Lisa, make sure you tell him that!


...and anyone who loves spud guns simply has to be cool!

Happy Birthday, Todd!

sorry I missed it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TODD. If Lisa loves you, you are all right in my book! ;)