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When in Rome, design a shade

Okay, so that wasn't near as funny as it should have been but really, did the Romans design the roman blinds? I made one back when I was Suzie Homemaker. Turned out quite nice and was an excellent lesson in why I should not sew. Anyway...

It is much cheaper to buy blinds than it is to sew them. I've been looking to replace the one in Em's room that the cat destroyed. Maybe some wooden blinds would be cat proof. All of the blinds that came with the house are really thick slatted metal venetians except the one in Em's room which was the cheapo plastic.

Oooohhhhh, roman blind kits where you can use your own fabric choice! That would be awesome since Em's room is coming together in pink and orange and I don't think I've seen a hot pink blind since my best friends room way back in the 70s. Terry's Fabrics doesn't ship to the US, dang it.