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I missed Rod but I did have a mini concert

We got home late last night and I was sick (damn the shrimp at Chili's) so I ran straight in to flop it down on the couch. Todd listened to the answering machine and told me I had to come and listen to something. Now, I'm sentimental and save answering machine messages so had to do a bit of fast forwarding through the old stuff (like Cal's beautiful British accent). I was directing him to skip that, that one too, skip, that's old, skip it, etc when I hear my favorite Moose. I said "Skip." since I thought I'd saved a previous message from Alaska. Todd says "No, this is it. ssshhhh." and shure 'nuff, it was new Moosie message.... and she sang! For me!

I've said it here before and I'll say it again, I have the BEST friends. Betcha not many people get singing birthday greetings from Alaska, do they?

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leaving messages is fun ;-)