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In other health related news...

The boy has shingles. Did you know kids can get those?? I thought they only affected the elderly. My great grandmother had them when she was near 80 and the only other people I know who have them are older adults.

He came home last night with a rash on his back and got up very sick in the night with a horrible headache and backache. Two doctors looked him over today and said that's what it is. I guess the chicken pox virus goes dormant in your body and in times of stress or compromised immune system, it can flare back up as shingles at any age. Elderly are primarily affected due to their immune system weakening with age. I guess his must be stress related. They told me today that the medicine will stop the virus in it's tracks and knock it back but the painful, imflammed nerves could last six months. The poor kid just finally got his toe back to normal and now this. Hopefully he'll kick it really quickly.

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Matthew had shingles in the fall they went to school at Decatur.
Lucky me I have shingles now and I just had them in September. So yes unfortunately young people can have them.


Is it by any chance "State Testing" time at school?