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More vacation possibilities

As summer speeds towards us, we continue to talk about vacation plans and the possibilities. I have been putting back my extra money for a good long while specifically for a vacation and it just might be enough to get us out of the midwest for a change.

Emily and I both dream of a beach house or a rental home with a nice pool. Probably outside our budget but it's still fun to look. Orlando Vacation Rentals has one that she would just flip over. If this wasn't such a long way to drive, I'd rent the sucker and we'd just lounge around the pool and swim all day for a week.

I'm sure being that close to Disney and all things Orlando has to offer would also have to be done. Isn't there a Hard Rock Cafe there and Universal Studios. Yes, I see the dollar signs adding up. Like I said, it never hurts to dream and who knows, maybe we'll end up saving another year's worth of spare change. It's been 7 years since we took a real vacation so another year wouldn't be lethal. Well.. maybe..

For more Disney News, you can browse the articles page and learn more about things like cheap shopping at the land of Mickey. Don't even get me started on how much I love that mouse.

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if i knew someone with a beach house, i'd ask them to let you have it for a week for free. but i don't. the only thing i could offer all of y'all is a bedroom in small apartment in logan, ut.