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Walking and Lifting

I'm trying very hard to devote one hour every day to weight lifting and walking. Still not losing any weight but am seeing muscle definition in my arms. I'm thinking about bumping this up to two hours a day which would mean getting up even earlier than the butt crack of dawn. That seems ridiculous to me but for whatever reason, my body is not cooperating. A lot of people insist it's because I do not eat enough and my body is holding onto what it thinks it's going to need. Maybe I need to get up an extra hour early to eat more. Ha. Seriously aggravating as I was skin on bones skinny 37 of my 40 years. I'd like to be somewhere in the middle. Wouldn't we all??

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It is very very possible you aren't eating enough. When I was at my heaviest, I was eating one meal a day and still not losing weight. They say the best thing is 5 small meals a day spaced out over a period of time -- not sure exact details, but they're more snack like than meal like.

When I started Atkins I had to force 3 meals a day down me, and after a while, not only was I losing weight but feeling better. More food in your system means a better working metabolism. You just have to put in the right foods for your metabolism type and body chemistry.