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My kid's pretty amazing

Christopher pretty much refuses to go funerals or visitations as he hates to see sad people. I asked him last night if he would go with me to visitation and he said "Mom. No. You know I don't do that." Later I heard him on the phone with my mom, "Grandma, I don't like those things and you know that."

Emily had initially said she wasn't going because she didn't want to cry so I was prepared to go alone. A last minute change of heart from Emily had me scrambling to make time to pick her up but I was so glad she decided to go. When we got to the funeral home, I sat by my uncle and explained that C. just couldn't bring himself to come. He kinda nodded and said "It's a good thing he didn't see her in the end. She had to go through Hell to find her peace. Yes, she did and it's good he didn't see that. She looks good now. Almost smiling. Looks better than the last time he saw her."

Later I was up front with my mom and I saw Todd in the back entry way, signing the book and talking to the funeral director. That was shocking enough as he doesn't do funeral home things either. Dragging reluctantly behind him was my kid. I walked over to my uncle with him and said "Look who decided to come after all." and my uncle hugged him and said "You wouldn't let me go through this without you, would you? No sir, I knew you wouldn't." C. just about lost it when he told him he needed to go up there and get a long, hard look at her because she looked good and that would be the last time he'd ever lay eyes on her.

When we got ready to leave, C. wanted to go say one more thing so I kind of hung back as he made his way through the people. I heard him ask "What are you doing Sunday?" and my uncle said "Well, I've not given it a lot of thought I guess. What are you doing Sunday?" and C. said "I think we should go fishing." My uncle immediately started telling the people around him that he had a fishing buddy for Sunday, by God.

His teenage years are already driving me crazy but really, how cool is that?

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Lisa, you have my sympathies. You also have a couple of great kids (and hubby, too!)

Hugs from Alaska.


Damn cool; they'll surprise you sometimes...


Drifted here via "cripes, suzette v. 2.0"

Kids are a miracle and never cease to amaze me!