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Handy Vacation Tool

I've been spending time in the evenings trying to plan a vacation to the yet-to-be determined destination. I was looking at a new driving directions site that has public transportation best routes and walking directions. Unfortunately, it does not cover any of our potential destinations but just for fun, I plugged in our Boston office address to my boss' laundromat/dryclean business and it mapped out a walking route for me.

I also tried the bus route and subway route. On the walking and bus routes, I could choose shopping, dining or nearby attractions which brings up a page of those. That is really cool. If I walked from the office to the laundro, I could stop at Boston Lobsters and you can bet I would!

For the bus or driving, it shows traffic alerts along the route. There is a backup on one of the freeways and traffic is going 10MPH. My boss could use that information when he goes out to clients. So far it only covers 14 major US cities and also has London, England.