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Protect Yourself

Another thing on the list to show the boss would be online backup. When your business is data, as our business is, you have to protect it as the data is your most important asset I feel better when we have our files backed up at least two ways.

iDrive is an online network drive whereby your online backup area appears as a local network drive. This allows for drag and drop of files you want to copy to your online storage. That level of convenience and ease of use is what sells me. In our busy environment, I would be less likely to stop my work, make an FTP connection and transfer files. Dragging and dropping I would definitely do.

iDrive also features transfer resume on temporary disconnects. This wouldn't be an issue on our T1 at work but would be handy for home users who experience temporary drops. At $99.50 per year for 5GB of data, this would be a tremendous value for the home user who keeps financial records or family photos that would be forever lost in the event of a virus or hard drive failure.

They make use of open file technology so files in use are also backed up. This is very important on the business level. I fought that some last week when transferring data that was being used.

Security is a non-issue as all transfer uses 128 bit encryption. According to the site, "Periodic third party scans and audits are carried out to test the integrity of the infrastructure and applications."

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